Call Center Outsourcing

We have the solution for your call center needs. Whether you are looking for outsourcing your telemarketing, customer service or any other over-the-phone service our company is the right one to serve you.

Call Center Outsourcing

Whether you are looking to outsource your whole call center operation or just part of it, we have the experience, facilities and know-how to assist you. Within our call center, we deal with customer care, telemarketing and phone sales campaigns, along with market surveys, fulfilling and many other services for national and multinational first level companies.


Our Mission

To provide marketing and communication solutions, using high quality technological tools, to optimize and improve our clients relations and processes with its customers.

The Customer Care program is dedicated to creating and maintaining dynamic relations between your company and your customers.
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The Sales Program provides assistance to your company in the different stages and types of telephone sales.
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Our Call Center services
Our Call Center is provided with our own top level facilities. Big and bright rooms, spacious work positions, flat screens and modern computer equipment.
In addition, the Call Center has hearing services, monitoring and operators follow-up for an optimal supervision.
We can be your telephone sales partner. If you need a dedicated team, with experience in both in-bound and out-bound sales, you can count on us.
Telephone Surveys
Whether it is for feedback, market research or surveys in general, our team is highly experienced in this type of campaigns.
Whatever your need is, do not hesitate to contact us.